Correction in post about Orders vs Guilds (elmak).

Guardian Wyldefyre for the Glory of the Hunterto Everyone

Thank you Lord Tyranis for clarifying some issues. I wish to relate that although Lord Tyranis was not told of the actions in person, it had become public knowledge that The Order of Maedhros was alligned with The Orders of Magic, The Sea, and The Night against The Order of War. Also several people had been told about Elmak saying the two guilds were merging - that is a distant dream of his, but now the Rangers are under the Order of Lord Tyranis and The Brigands are under the Order of

the Sea. The Order of Maedhros is NOT alligned against any Order or Diety and I shall correct that. My apologies. I was only away a week, but I apologize as the HP of Maedhros, this incident should never have happened.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1246.