Your Clarification and apology to a Diety.

Elmak,l when I woke this morning and started to tend to the Greenwood, I was called by a very annoyed Tyranis, The God of War and Patron of the Rangers Guild. Apparently you had told him that you had alighned severael Gods against him including Lord Proteus, Mephisto, Genesis and Maedhros himsself, that you were attemting with MY help to MERGE the Rangers Guild and the Brigands together and in the long run have both guilds together and evict him as the Patron of the Rangers?? I am a little MORE than

upset . How DARE you Sir, use the power that was granted to you as a Senior Priest of the Hunter to start verbal attacks and assuaults and disrespecting other Gods. Let's get the facts straight, Brother. Lord Proteus is the Patron of the Brigands Guild, Lord Tyranis is the Patron of the Rangers and we both belong to the Order of the Hunter as Priestss of Lord Maedhros. I feel the power has gone to your head as I was concerned it might happen. You need to separate mentally the Order of your Guild vs

your order in your personal Patronage. I have always appreciated the assistance of the Dieties and pay them all respect as they are due. As for joionging the two guilds together - you are out of line. You and Sajora have discussed this GM to GM and just because you have a vision, is no need to make it public unless it was coming true and both Guilds and their Respectivei Dieties aggreed. You LEFT the Rangers, took alot of their money and comms to rebuild the bbrigands, BUT you want thte best of

both worlds - be a Brigand but still have access to the Oak Tree. This should not be allowed. If you want a home, talk to me about the Grove Tavern. This is the true place to pay respect to Maedhros. To Lord Proteus, Mephisto, Tyranis or any other Diety that this declaration has offended. As the Senior Priest of Maedhros, I am truly sorry that any of this was discussed without due consideration of your respect and all allegations are false. The Rangers are Patrons of Tyranis as selected by Sajora

, our GM. You are a GM of the Brigands, chose to live in the Grey Forest BUT want the same priviledges in the Oal Tree as the Rangers. You selected Lord Proteus as your Patron. You are a Senior Priest of Meadhros and his area lies in The Grove Tavern, The Glade of Allendil and the Stone Cross for the time being. I congratulate your long-term plans but no one agreed to them let alone me. I shall speak with Lord Meadhros about htis and hope we can work together as Ranger and Brigand but respect eaco

ther's Dieties, Patrons and Guilds. My sincere apologies to Lord Proteus, Lord Tyranis, Lord Mephisto, Lord Maedhros and Lord Genesis. While I knew what Elmak was dreaming about, it was never in my plans or that of The Order of Maedhros.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1246.