Lugonn, The Shining Oneto Everyone

As it seems I am un able to be heard online i shall post the true version of what heppened with regards to the incident with quicksilver. I merged into the dome of stars and began talking to quicksilver. WHile we were talking the subject of the animist skill of animate arose. I demonstrated to quicksilver the various forset commands, however to my horror i was unable to release quicksilver for the forest hold i placed upon him. I was under the impression that this bug had been fixed, and indeed foreset release has been working fine everywhere else for some time now (shortly after i ecountered the bug the first time and duely reported it) ZIngum then shouted for help that he was suffering from blackdeath, i briefly left quicksilver to attempt to cure him, however falling into zingums trap. Zingum duely rubbed a wax on me anumber of times and then (aparently) rubbed a wax on quicksilver (i say apparently as i did not actualy see that part of the action take place) caught up in my attempts to free quicksilver

was unable to restraing zingum who then fled the forest. ZIngum (aparently) then told quicksilver i had co-operated with him in his gaining the wax on quicksilver, clearely a plain untruth. WHile i dont pretend my actions were foolish and perhaps filled with pride I do not belive they were in the least bit dis-honourable. I made very attempt i could to free quicksilver, and witht he help of blodwyn eventually succeded. I have asked blodwyn to testify to this fact and i can only hope she does so as far as to that part of the truth she is able to know.