Dragon Rage.

Dear Salvy

I was pleased to see you back amongst us, even though I knew it meant that I would die a hundred deaths at your hands.

You are a good fighter and inspire others to improve.

I've never complained about being jumped by you or anyone else.

I accept it as part of life here and I usually learn something in the process.

The new channels make it possible for friends, ordermates, and fellow citizens to give one a bit of advice.

Yesterday when you attacked me I could not attack you back as you were not in the location.

I asked for advice and someone suggested I CRY SALVADOR which I did.

I had no idea what this would do but thought maybe it would let me reach you.

Instead the dragon slayed you.

I must admit that I enjoyed that, even though it was totally unintentional!

But you complained bitterly and then challenged me, which I accepted even though I know there was no hope of surviving it.

I got killed several times, as expected, and then shipped.

Having thought about it overnight I want to tell you this.

Now I know what the dragon can do. I like it.

I also understand the dragon will only protect the city at harvest but I think he is there to protect the harvesters as well.

I've decided from now on to treat him as an ally at that time of year.

When I am in my own city, waiting to harvest or dealing with commodities, and get jumped by a city enemy, I think I am perfectly justified in asking the dragon to kill them.

The way I see it is this:

If I wander the land with my defences down and you jump me and kill me instantly it is my own fault.

Similarly if I am in Parrius at harvest time and you jump me and get killed by the dragon instantly that is your own fault.

In all practical ways I'm as helpless against you as you are against the dragon.

Yes I know you'll get mad and kill me lots more times afterwards but honestly it is worth it to see you go down once too.

So no complaints next time please.

Nex time it will be deliberate.

Hugs and kisses.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 1245.