Aredhelto Psycho, Walker of the Twilight

You make me want to retch Psycho. As Belit says, you are probably the most ignoble person around at the moment. First of all, you challenge me to a duel which, as I and most people understand it, means a contest on equal terms, ie with swords in this case. You said \"No, I want to use Legendary charming against Poor charming\" Very fair. You then accepted my terms of a duel, ie swords and no magic, met me in Eleusis and promptly webbed me and handburned me till I passed away. The next example of your cowardice occurred a few days later when you summoned me from the Sorceror's guild, icewalled the entrance off and proceeded to web we again. This time I broke free and came back sword whirling... whereupon you fled. And then quit. Your actions speaks for themselves Psycho - you are a craven coward of the worst sort.

Minethlos, the Sorceror's Apprentice

PS Ok, I admit Trekker and Tagrak might have had something to do with you running off but that is still no excuse.