Especially Lightfingers.

El Salvador, War's Waxworkto Everyone

Far be it from me to defend the mantle of pacifism but I think many of you are massively missing the point here. A divine disfavour is not something that, as Lightfingers puts it, should offer the bearer a 'course of action'. It is not intended as an 'attack' if you like, that can be 'defended against' or further still avenged.

It's more than a little disrespectful to chide Wyldefyre for acting on her Patron's behalf. Lord Maedhros in his fathomless wisdom has given that power to her of his own accord, and, doubtlessly, for his own reason. Those of you who clutter this board with insults toward her person should realise that in doing so you are likely causing offense to the Hunter himself, albeit indirectly.

The issue of pacifism is, therefore irrelevant - your anger stems from your inability to slay Wyldefyre performing an act of her Patron's Will as His High Priestess. One should realise that it is not Wyldefyre whose disfavour you carry, but Lord Maedhros', however dormant his divine spirit may lie.

We are in an age where our actions on behalf of our patron may have enormous consequences. We are privileged enough to bear witness to a changing tide in Avalon as our Orders thrive on the new possibilities and potentials they have been granted. How dull to read through copious posts about a disfavour that most likely was earned in the first place.


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Skyelong, in the year 1245.