Different strokes.

I am shocked, Sir! Not so much for what you wrote, for you have always been a noble fighter, but that you give this harsh tellng off to someone fairly new and very inexperienced in the land. If Verlaine had spoken to me like that back when I was new, I would have thought ;\"screw this\" and never learned about the land, made friends (and very few enemies) and continued my quest to learn more about the land, partiicipate in challeges and learn my life skills. I choose Pacifism and yes, I am a Ranger.

I am the Mama Bear of the Clan and it is my choice but I don't think theere is a Ranger or Brigand here or in the past who can say I am a coward. I don't hold physical battles, but I have bared my claws in other ways.

As I said before \"don't be afraid to die. Death is only a temporary state. \" Wether you choose to step back for a breather and time to regroup under 1 year's pacifismm - there is no shame in that. May I remind some Elders that they have done it too.

But please be honest with our young - your reputatuion has always been a Great Fighter, not an arrogant one.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1245.