There is a great deal of shame involved with pacifism, regardless or your opinion. It only proves that not only are you too weak to fight for victory, you are too weak to run for your very own life. I cannot respect an animist whom claims to support the right to life, but yet is unwilling to even learn the basic defences of survival and/or running to save their life.

I am pacifistic in nature, I'll readily admit that. But it has been a very long time since you can claim you've caught me hiding behind lord Aldaron's protection. I've learn to run, I've learn to avoid. I die rarely.

Brightstar, we(by we I mean the general Avalon populace) don't give a shit about your reasons for pacifism. It is a SHAME you cannot bother to learn to avoid/run from your attackers. It is a SHAME you must take lord Aldaron's mantle because you are too weak to stand alone in this land. It is a SHAME there is duellist protection, and pacifism. I do not speak this as a sadist, but as a pacifist whom has learned to avoid the greater majority of attacks upon my person.

So either \"MAN UP\", or do quit bothering us with your completely useless post which is much akin to this one.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Skyelong, in the year 1245.