Pacifism, combat and death.

There is absolutely no shame about being a Pacifist. I from the beginning loathed fighting and got very annoyed at every person who came along, saw me fresh of the newbie stage and went \"ooh new target! \"

There is ALSO no problem about dying or being killed. Death is just an instance in this land. If y ou lose all 10 lives, you do not simply \"disappear\" end of story. Animists can hold brews (and often do, at least several years ago when this Bear was active in the lands before). You do NOT have to fight. for that matter, you can choose a lifelong commitment to be NEUTRAL which changes your character to being \"neither good nor evil\"\" but once you do so, it is a lifelong commitment.

Some choose Pacifism only so they can stock up on herbs and poisons and comms in peace. Some do it until they have all their skills built up to Ultimate, then think \"aha! now I can kick butt\". It's not forbidden but you could lose the respect of many.

Good luck with your choice and don't be afraid to ask others for advice. Patience, knowledge and growng experience will pay off. Only then will you find yourself at one wtih the Land.

For the Forest and the Glory of the Hunter - Wyldefyre

Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1245.