Get your facts straight.

Young Wisdom Brightstar, The Bunny-Eared Healerto Everyone

First of all, fiddling with a lock like you were doing went I arrive is not making a map.

Second, I talked to Don Tukar and he told me you were in his guild, which is the thieves, NOT the aminists

Third, I was using my powers to put you from the grove, not harming you. I do not kill, which you so easily and without a thought of repercutions.

Fourth, Our guild has been under constant attack of late and most people do not venture there unannounced or unescourted.

So over all, I do not regret that I questioned your pressence or tried to get you out of the grove. If I come to the guild headquarters, which is the Grove and see you or anyone else there trying to pick open a lock, I will call thief. Depend on it!

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 1244.