Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Globestave rebounding has been toned down a little so folks can no longer

go battering through top quality strengthened doors. It's also not possible

to rebound with your steed any more. Assorted little tweaks have been

made across globestaves. I won't detail it here since many require you

to have discovered certain techniques/combinations - knowledge some guard


ALL cities and guilds now have at least 10% \"forts\" legion skill so their

soldiers/fieldworkers will be able to man fortifications, as well as

construct them. You should also now find legion's undergoing construction

no longer occasionally losing track of their materials. It's no longer

possible to frig a superfast movement of siegetowers around by using

different localepoint to the direction travelled.

The Battle Arena has been evolved into a fully usable combat practice

area as well being a venue for combat quests and competitions. The arena

can be opened up for general/city/guild use by the city's Justice Minister,

the city's Quest Master, the guild's Head Tutor and all Guildmasters. In

the arena, if so designated, you'll find depletions and experience loss

are suspended - see HELP COMPETITOR for what you gain when you're fighting

in these conditions. HELP ARENA will give you details about the Battle Arena

and commands you need to know to use it, while HELP ARENASTART has

invaluable info and commands for the folks who've got the privs to open

it and regulate its rules and competitors.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1243.