Re: New Patron of Mercinae.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone


I wish you well of your new patron. I don't believe you quite understand what it is you have requested when you petitioned him. Perhaps you will devote yourself to your choices with a smile knowing you have done so at your own volition rather than having it thrust upon you unwillingly.

Doubtless, you will still chafe under the conditions of the amended treaty rather than recognizing the alternatives demands that could have been made. After all you failed to see the irony in the wake of Lightfingers theft in clamouring for me to restore what Parrius decided not to take.

So then, perhaps I was not the proper patron for you because our philosophies are so divergent. I have long stated that the sea is a disinterested place and drowns the righteous as quickly as the sinner. The unprepared find their doom much more quickly than those who recognize the challenge of the seas.

Those that sail the seas, of course, are not so disinterested and discriminate between those to whom they deliver destruction. Pirates and those seekig to enforce the laws of their lands against them ply the seas often. Such as these may set upon you and rob you, devastate your homes and insult your honor.

If as you set out after them, you come before my altars and pray; \"See great Proteus, we have made a cunning plan and assembled a host. Take these offerings as a sign of our respect to your realm. Send the winds to speed our passage, send the currents to guide our path, let the tides bear us across the shallows and reefs,\" then I will offer you aid.

You came down to the water's edge and cried out to have your enemy's ships driven back to your shores.

Parrius came to me before they invaded and said, \"See great Proteus, we have made a cunning plan and assembled a host. Please, watch what we can accomplish. \"

I make this post publicly rather than on your city board not because I am no longer your city patron, but to publicly reiterate a longstanding cornerstone of my ethic.

I also post because while I have criticized you privately on your city board, I felt it unseemly as patron to your city to publicly state my pride and approval of Parrius. Their plan was well executed and evinced a good grasp of the new dynamics of warfare. Though they may grumble about the decision, I was frankly more impressed by the city's willingness to venture into the mare incognitum of Vice Regency.

Mercinae, do not imagine that you know what has transpired to bring you Genesis' patronage. The public suppositions about my motivations have been so far off the mark as to be laughable and Genesis' ways are far more inscrutable still. Do not take his plans for your development lightly.

And there is the third reason for my public post--a warning for the other three cities not to discount Mercinae's quiescent competence.

Proteus, god of the sea

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1243.