Overpicking, Elixirs, Skills and Sarcasm.

Oi! Are you suggesting that you withhold your services from the general populace because you feel put upon as an herb picking profession? For shame, your skills are ours to use and abuse. The gods forbid you decide to try and have a backbone on behalf of your profession. Its no matter though, your absurd suggestion will soon be put down by the \"strong-willed\" people of your profession whom refuse to see the whole of avalon suffer for your ego.

Down with strumpets whom think they can keep their guild skills from us, down with the ridiculous idea that your skills should be of any value to you or your profession at large. Rise up against this blasphemous talk Avalon. The very idea of controlling the output such a necessity as herbs is ludicrous, and dangerously negative towards Avalon as a whole. To think, perhaps the loremasters will think they can withold potions and runes from us next!

Absolute insanity would ensue!

On a more serious note, please do withold herbs. Most preferably those that cure afflictions that can also be cured by antidote, allheale, and immunity potions. Since our profession has decided to whore out its skills, I at least want to profit from it.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1242.