Abuse of the Community Chest.

Mellow Rynn Epicurean, Kinda Chill Latelyto Everyone

Sadly, I will no longer be making donations to the Community Chest due to abuse of this supposed resource for the young by the thieving, cheating and opportunistic members of the Brigands guild in Thakria.

Yesterday, I donated five herb pouches to the chest and found that they were all gone a mere 24 RL hours later. Upon attemping to locate them, the only one that was traceable was in the Weaver Shop in Thakria run by the Brigands Guild. I brought this to the attention of Elmak who is no less than both the GM of the Brigands AND the beloved son-in-law to Brigantia who of course is the overseer of the Community Chest. His response was a decidedly cavalier \"Oh well\" followed by a cheap effort to pass the b

uck and absolve himself of any and all responsibility by adding \"I don't even control that shop\" and \"*shrug* I don't care to run some Thakrian guild shop, I'd much rather give the job to someone else\".

It is not my intention to provide free supplies to a well established guild or some opportunistic thug, so I will no longer contribute to the Community Chest. However, I have always been willing to help out the less fortunate by providing pouches, herbs and other items to our new neighbors or those in need, so please feel free to contact me directly if you are lacking in something that I might be able to provide.



Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1241.