An introduction to BeauNidle and my Animist ideals.

Sapling Beaunidle, Gentleman of Leisureto Everyone

Dear Avalonians I wish to explain a few facts about myself and to clear some misconceptions that

some both in my own city and in the rest of Avalon have.

1. I am not a nice Animist who is at the beck and call of everyone at all times. I will attempt to

help/heal/Resurrect those who ask but I also have tasks and life goals I am working at as well.

2. I am a Pacifist by choice not as some have claimed because I am a coward but so I can perform

the acts of aid and healing without being stabbed in the back by CCCs in every City including my

own City (Which did happen for 2 RL weeks). I spent a long time unable to move around any portion of Avalon without being attacked which prevented me from completing tasks set by my guild to complete my apprenticeship. If I am being attacked by CCCs it means I cannot get to you to heal you. So I decided that it was more important to be able to heal you than die and not heal


3. My way of looking at healing during attacks on cities (this is my ideal); if you are the

aggressor I will not aid or heal you, I WILL resurrect you. If you are defending your city I will

aid/heal and resurrect you. The reasoning is simple I favour protection of the innocents within a

cities walls not aggressive posturings. Think of it as I will favour the mother bear protecting

her den and cubs against a pack of rabid dogs, the cubs are innocents and deserve protection.

This will (according to a fac tion within my own City) make me a traitor within my City. My reply

is NO-ONE will tell me who to heal and resurrect and yes on this point I have made a prior

mistake which I do not intend to allow again.

4. When people are not attacking cities I will endevour to aid/heal/resurrect anyone who asks for

will try to help, if both parties ask I will try to aid BOTH parties. I am not however a mind

reader and I cannot read intent in an Avalonians mind. If you are the innocent party of an attack

and the other persons asks for aid and I give it, that is the cold edge of neutrality, next time

the luck may be on you side.

it. Do not come screaming foul play and favouritism as my aim is to be neutral. If someone asks I

5. If you do not ask for aid I will not automatically come to your aid. Death is a learning

for survival including Avalonians. If you fight, you will at some point die. If you die and ask

me to resurrect you I will do my best. If you are injured and ask for help and I can cure you, I


experience. I understand and follow the savage nature creed where all plants and animals fight

6. If you attack my guild mates verbally or physically I will remonstrate with you. I cannot and

will not with hold resurrection and healing if its requested but do not expect a polite

bedside/graveside manner.

Finally, I am neutral, if you want something and I can help I will, irrelevant of city and (unless

your a declared enemy) irrelevant of Guild. I am somewhat absent minded but can be often found

wandering Avalon making maps and charts. If I am panning I can however get mesmerised by the

repetitivenes and not see people talking to me. If I don't reply send me a message and I will


Yours humbly

BeauNidle, Gentleman of Leisure

Written by my hand on the 27th of Hindyear, in the year 1241.