You didn't write that.

Dear great grand niece,

I don't know who's pulling your strings, well I do know, the master poster, the father of Lies, if we go back to some epic posts by your little mentor we'd see exactly the same formatting.

Just so we are straight, I don't care what you think or say. Why Orielle deigned a response to people who in Aja's case are broken and in yours are cheating. I will never know.

I am only going to reiterate this. So it is clear, to you and whoever it is wrote your post for you. If Finbar kills mercinaens I will take the 35,000 very highly trained mercinaens. I will take the cache of weapons I've been building, I will cross the river, I will split and build 10 siegetowers, equip them with cauldrons, fill them with oil while enroute to springdale. I shall push my siegetowers up to your walls, I shall start to melt them.

Then I shall engage with 30,000 full trained besiege specialists, you see springdales West gate is wide open, I warned them about rebuilding the gate infront of a bottleneck, nobody listened. I will then bombard with catapult oil and rams the west gate. Once down, I will march troops straight for the barracks (that I placed by the way) I will send a contingent to etherok of 10,000. Transport ready.

I shall use the siegetowers to melt the river barbican while I use the rest of the men to decimate the barracks close to the west gate.

I shall then setup barricades at strategic locations, I have a couple of very addept backup marchers.

I shall swing through northern springdale as my etherok force takes out the barracks down there and all the ministry buildings. They shall converge to open a hole in the river gate barbican. I shall put 3 ambush legions outside of a barricaded barracks that I will not engage till all troops are once again assembled, see as you try and march out troops of your barracks, and take down barricades just as fast as I build them you will be shot by arrows from very highly trained mercinaen legions.

With a gaping hole in your east gate, and a gaping hole in your west gate, the primary objectives, how long do you think it would take Thakria, or Me again, to return with 80,000 not so highly trained but equaly bloodthirsty pirates.

In short, you, your mentor, and Finbar, stay out of Mercinae, do not Kill mercinaens while I am Vice Regent.

Any other questions?

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1238.