Modifications to warfare, narrative and allegory; do learn!

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Since the Parrian conquest is over and no open war/invasion against city

homesoil is in progress, this is the ideal time to introduce the selection

of tweaks & modifications based on observations of the Thakria/Springdale and

Mercinae/Parrius conflicts. Always going to be necessary given the intro of

such a diverse, millions-of-permeatations system. The main modification will

be the extent of notifications around territories/cities being invaded, when

certain events are occuring (e.g. first strike against the gate forts) so

the citizens are at least aware danger is nigh. Parrius was able to get thru

Mercinae's wellbuilt East Gate forts in little more than a few hours and this,

it's been suggested, is too quick. Forts built to the level found on most

city gates should holdback attackers 24-72 hours at least. The question

therefore becomes 'how idiotproof/automated should forts be?' and I am always

inclined to see less, so events turn on human skill or incompetence. Next post

I have listed ALL the specific modifications made to the system prior to the

Parrian invasion, so everybody can factor these into what they've learned

to this point.

The bulk of the damage was caused by oilcauldrons filled with boiling oil

pouring on the forts, fire spreading and growing - thus eventually a massive

damage per attack round. Hence the forts destroyed in hours. Too quick/easy?

Not a chance. I don't like giving away defences since it undermines the efforts

of those who work hard to build their own excellence but in this instance

the whole affair is a splendid allegory: 'why did Mercinae lose/why do

some invariably lose while others invariably win?'

Imagine every attack round a few hundred fires are burning away the gate

fortifications. There are many Parrians outside the gates looking to slay

any Mercinaens trying to defend. They have superior firepower and individual

vs individual the Mercinaens can't match them. Every attack round the forts

are going down by hundreds of strength; soon Parrius will be through onto

Mercinae's homesoil. Fortifications are raised so Mercinae can't get legions

out to attack the Parrians (not that the Mercinaen citizens were trained

enough to even know how to do so)... so Mercinae is doomed. As it turned out

the Parrian fires destroyed the forts, Parrian armies flowed in and the

Mercinaens were slaughtered 'til they surrendered. See HELP INVASION1237 for

the write-up. All the Mercinaens needed to do to ensure the poured oilfires,

doing 90%+ of the fort damage, were ineffectual was to DOUSE them. This

could be done by protected, duellist, pacifist; anyone. It could have been

done in a moment. DOUSE FORTS FROM BUCKET, with a bucket full of water.

Could not be more simple. Could have ensured fortifications lasted days

instead of hours. Allegory. Learn from this; it will feel so goo-ood.



Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1237.