A few things.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

For those of you who've not got access to all the appropriate forums, here

are a few 'switchons' and additions you may all wish to be aware of:

Water transports for legions navigating deepwater locations are now live.

See HELP TRANSPORTS (and helpfiles leading off from there). Globestave

erodefortify will be going live in under 24 hours. See HELP GLOBESTAVES

for further information. Bassboom and inversion are active, as is

only fitting, as well as the variuos means of fortification bolstering

and shielding to counterpoint. I can't be more specific here since these

are specialist abilities.

Globestave lightrope has been properly integrated, including the padded

helmet (Weaponry/Forging) and impact of doors, non-human forms, speed of

rebound, etc. If you were considering a good time to delve into the

world of the globestave, now would - therefore - be an excellent time to

bring it into your repertoire.

Also available to all, but primarily for those of you accumulating lessons

after having crowned-off all your skills, are the young foragers. These

youngsters in search of mentors are enlistables brought out two Avalon

years earlier, and they can be taken on by any player and sent off on

tasks. The tasks can range from fetching equipment to discovering

quests to explaining uses for an artifact to locating hidden

treasures. Make sure you check out HELP FORAGERS and HELP TASKS since

I'm sure all of you who've amassed a stack of 'teachings' will find these

foragers of interest. There are hundreds of quests, many of which sourcing

significant artifacts (and more), that have fallen out of common

memory. Hopefully not for much longer.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Cloudburst, in the year 1237.