I do not offer civility to liars . . .

And again, because you are apparently too stupid to grasp the point the first time . . .

The manner of entering my guild is irrelevant to the fact you entered . . after offering not to

should i agree to your veiled threat that you would. I advised you then, i had no such

intent, nor interest . . . you choose to do so . . . how you did so is again . . . listen

carefully mongoloid . . . irrelevant.

Save your attempt at flowery speech for those who have yet to appreciate who you truely are.

outp sata

rub sata on broadsword36486 for brotherhood . . Dunccan . . . the only thing that ever bound you to me, was a common

enemy . . . and as you now march to a tune that enemies my fellow citizens, my guild . . .

there isn't even a sense of mutual purpose . . which is the most you and i shared . . .

not brotherhood, sorry, i come from much finer stock.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 1236.