Finbarto Sajora, Forever of the Dawn

Only a fool would be disappointed with the consequences of their own actions. If you are going

to repeatedly team lesser skilled and younger springdalians you should expect such a welcome from me.

That i granted you the courtesy of leaving you be whilst you picked as you were not \"long in the lands\"

was something not reciprocated to me.

As for the dragon's presence -- I was unware of him as Dunccan who died to him once - after he resurrected

in Springdale square having tried to jump me, unsuccesfully. I suppose now, its best that I just

team you all now? +

Do as your master Dunccan bids you - stomp your feet in your death march . . . I enjoy

the prattling posturing . . . and am disappointed at the loss of a free thinking well spirited

ally who has devolved into a lemming, a fool, and a puppet of a lying piece of dung.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Hindyear, in the year 1236.