Disappointment .

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Finbar

Oh Finbar even I can see that you don't need a light rope to get into the Paladins guild.

I wonder if starting a fight and luring someone to your city so the Dragon can smite them also constitutes as teaming...He is a pretty good fighting partner.

All I can say is I'm disappointed and saddened by you Finbar. After years of fighting together and being allies and defending you up until yesterday from everyone who called you a complainer and a whiner I find that I've been the one who is ignorant.

After years of not seeing you and being happy at the prospect your greeting is not a hello but your own sword in your face bouncing off my malloran. Not even a challenge to show you want to scrap.

Please don't try to lecture Dunccan or anyone else on honor and integrity. He knows how to maintain friendships and allies not alienate them until you are alone with only your complaints to keep you company.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1236.