Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Introducing a new command: QUERY <text>. It works exactly the same way

BUG does, where you can enter your queries and they will be logged for

the appropriate people to review and (if appropriate) comment on: either

telling you to bugfile, confirming your query is a real bug; or answering

some question you may have/clearing up some uncertainty; or hearing a

suggestion for some amendment and telling you whether it's an idea

worth pursuing.

It is VERY important you enter all bugs you know about/see. Type BUGS to see

those you've entered. If a bug you know about isn't in the list and nobody

you know has entered it, you should do so. If you are unsure whether it

is a bug, use QUERY to ask whether it's a feature, a bug, whether you're

missing some insight, etc etc.

It's also important the bugfile contains only bugs, especially when it

is being attended by a coder without mandate to make decisions about HOW

things work or whether this or that balance/tweak should be introduced. So

for those, use QUERY; then the bugfile can contain only real problems and

coder can be confident of not wasting time chasing red herrings or

waiting on - for instance - my decision before getting to work.

Also be aware of updates/fixes to long standing issues and important info

for knight profession fourth skill in HELP ULTIMATE. Feel free to talk to me

directly if any clarification is required.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 1236.