Do you think there's a reason you \"had\" to take this rebuilding task on alone? The Rangers weren't always pathetic and paltry as they are currently. I'd have to look to current leadership for the current state.

I've personally rebuilt after attacks from your guild twice. Had the Rangers NOT had a vested interest in a protected guildhouse behind city fortifications. I wouldn't have had to do to rebuild a barracks twice. Thakria made sure your greenwood guildhouse, that lies doorless and rundown would not be a threat to her walls. You rely solely on the protection of city walls to profer your threats. Just as Elmak said, your postering is based on city protection from attack. You don't dare propose that those l

egions were amassed in the greenwood, then marched to Mercinae because they liked the city life better do you?

Written by my hand on the 13th of Midwinter, in the year 1234.