Battleisle: eliminator result.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

In a relatively close contest, Mohrion defeated Minlen on the battleisle

to reduce the final numbers to four: Mohrion himself, Aja, Furion and

Lothar. It was a good battle with both commanders demonstrating a

praiseworthy competence. What began as a conflict between two sides of

five hundred soldiers each ended in Mohrion standing victorious with just

over a hundred men left. Minlen deserves much kudos for battling so

nearly to victory and doubly so for refusing to panic despite early

setbacks and compete her way almost back into contention. In the end,

though, Mohrion was able to match her calm and measured skill, to prss

home his advantage and take the victory.

The next battle will involve Aja, Lothar and Furion, or two of these three,

for a place in the final contest. This long resolution quest is finally

nearing a point where the three artifacts are to be won.

WARFARE in your home sphere of influence is now ACTIVE. You may move your

legions around your home sphere and do anything you like within them. There

are no restrictions on actions within. Nobody should step beyond their

sphere without prior permission. We are still on schedule for a full warfare

greenlight this coming weekend.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Eleuthral, in the year 1232.