Warfare and Battleisle Quest.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The battleisle quest will, hopefully, resolve this weekend with: Ranger Aja,

Furion, Mohrion, Minlen and Lothar remaining to compete. Ideally this will

be a fourway final, with one eliminator, but if it proves problematic

matching timezones (since all five hail from very difficult timezones,

as luck would have it) then there will be more elimination rounds to set up

a final twosome - these two will battle it out for victory. Those involved

should contact me to arrange times. All will be welcome to watch the

contests from the western pool of the Rock Pinnacle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the first phase of the return of global warfare will begin

on Sunday at 9pm. For the first time in many decades all will be free to

move their legions beyond the city walls, within their sphere of influence.

They will be able to set up or act in any way they see fit, within their

existing spheres of influence. There will be NO conflict, and NO encroachment

beyond existing spheres. Guild legions may move freely within homecity


Full warfare will be given the greenlight the following weekend so all

of you should take advantage of this week to make any defensive preparations

in readiness for the big switch-on the weekend of April 4th/5th.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1231.