Your Disfavour.

Lord I know we have our conflicts in the past, but can you please explain how killing Rynn rates your disfavour? It's amazing how your Chosen One chooses to punish someone with your divine powers for matters I feel are outside your concern, but I may be wrong.

To everyone else, I have killed Rynn once again. Originally this was a daily thing whenever she was found off protection for everything she has done in the past and present, to include stripping my village of herbs and poisons, abusing her skills killing me at her will, and entering my village as she is an enemy.

Dunccan threatened to use his Warrior Guild troops against Knightswood if this happens again, which it has. He has also ordered his guildmembers to not shop in Knightswood or deal with me on any matters.

Fatalus threatened to put the whole wait of Oakwood against Knightswood as well and i guess this includes his PW Chosen Ones power of Divine Disfavour since he can't personally do anything else.

They were both told the same simple thing. If Rynn enters Knightswood again, Talks to me or about me in any way (As I haven't even bothered to utter anything to her in decades or even acknowledge her existance) seems pretty fair. This was refused and now I hold a lame Disfavour from one and a soon impending attack from the other unless his guild and city see that he's also using resources against the betterment of both.

Now all will come to protect her so they can continue getting her to donate free herbs and animals to them as well as other things she's whoring herself out for. G'luck to you all and I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you soon.

Tukar, knowing fair is fair, abusing skills and divine punishment for no reason is wrong. But hey, I can always ask the question.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Ilmarael, in the year 1231.