Phase two of the Battleisle Quest.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

It has struck me that due to scheduling issues it may be difficult for us

to get a four-way battle going where all four cities have each and every

individual who wants to be present able to be present. We could end up

waiting for months before we find a date suitable for so many, so what

I think we'll do is pit two sides against one another, on two occasions,

in a semi-final format; then a final between the two victorious armies

fully refreshed and equipped anew. This may give us a more interesting,

level-playing field battle - since there will be no 'three towns vs one'

potential. It will also allow us to run three full-scale battlefields

rather than just one chaos.

So: India for Mercinae, Sonja for Thakria, Elminster for Springdale and

Lothar for Parrius - I'd like for you four to try to work out a time,

preferably as soon as possible, and ideally sometime this coming weekend,

where your city will be able to put up a decent representative group ready

to face the enemy on the field of battle. It does NOT have to be everybody.

You won't get more or less soldiers according to how many citizens are

present. Sometimes, even, you may find too many cooks spoil the broth and

it's better to put together teams of soley competent types; though bear

in mind, also, that simply because you propose a citizen to take part, does

not mean he/she is forced to lead soldiers. Observation and learning is

quite allowed.

I'd like to hear back from all four of you as soon as possible, with times,

dates and those who'll be involved on your behalf.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Skyelong, in the year 1229.