Battlequest Pt I.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Congratulations to all those who were involved in the battleisle quest

yesterday. As is often the case with such events, particularly one involving

an entirely new system - the first battle of any size in Avalon's history -

time got better of us and only the first phase was completed. Orinoko's

Celts were victorious, narrowly defeating Elminster's Visigoths and

advantages in the second phase will be applied.

Having watched over the first phase I've given some thought to how to

play out the second half. Although my preference would be for a free-for-all

it seems likely that city affiliation will engender natural alliances

so rather than fight against this, I think instead we will have a three

or four way final conflict (a fourth town is being added now). Mercinae,

Thakria, Parrius and Springdale can then choose to join their battleisle

town (or gain admittance into one of the others) for the purposes of the

second phase. We will then have the three or four armies in place,

leadership structures etc to be entirely the choices of the competitors.

A full scale-war will begin with the last town with troops alive on

the island to be declared winner. The third phase can then move on to

sorting out first, second and third places from the winning team.

HELP RULES will be updated with finalised version of this second

phase - far easier to write/predict now, having witnessed events of

last night. Dynamism will be rewarded so more points will be gained per

soldiers slain by legions you personally command, but longevity and

apposite victory will be worth most of all. For instance, if legion A

slays legion B with 250 troops, commander of legion A gains 250 points

but is subsequently worth more points. Legion C hides through most

of the battle and gains no points for battle slays but then, at the end

slays Legion A - by now having accumulated 1000 slays. Legion C gains

one third of Legion A's points, in addition to the standard slays. Thus

there's a balance between clever subterfuge and battlefield pro-action.

ORINOKO of Springdale, LOTHAR of Parrius, INDIA of Mercinae and a Thakrian

representative (contact me when you've decied who will front your

challenge) should talk to me directly after having read the updated

HELP RULES and I will give you more details. I'll then obtain agreement

from all four to time the end-game for this quest and post accordingly. All

will be welcome, not simply those who ere in phase one. Expect the updated

HELP RULES by end of today/tomorrow. Leaders, talk to me ASAP. As an

additional sweetener, there will be an extra real Avalon city AND guild

soldier for every battleisle slay during the quest - so even the first

eliminated town stands to gain for their homeland, providing they get in

at least one enemy casualty.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Cloudburst, in the year 1229.