Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Hear ye! Hear ye! There will be - this next weekend on Saturday February

14th at 10-11pm by the AVALON CLOCK - a great quest on the newly

discovered battle-isle. The prize for the winner will be a choice

of artifacts, one of either: 'the staff of the wanderer', 'the stave

of disaster', or 'the spectacles of battlesight'. See HELP RULES for

details of these artifacts and info about the quest itself.

The runner-up will receive a choice of one of the two remaining

artifacts, and the third placed competitor will receive the third.

The quest itself will be simple in premise: each competitor will

have five hundred highly skilled soldiers, spread between one or

two legions (so either two brigades, or one division). They will

be able to select from any of the six potential 'equipment' start

inventories (also listed in HELP RULES). All competitors will then

be placed on the battleisle by their brigades/division; the trumpets

will blow to herald BEGIN, and - quite simply - the last commander with

soldiers standing will be the winner. The battle-isle has its own

sky, its own pool of life and a full range of location types and

myriad possible strategies. There will be few rules: alliances will

be allowed, betrayals likewise. There will be no player vs player

combat. This is a quest to find the first Avalonian with rights to lay

claim to being the greatest general in the land.

Good luck to you all, and any questions, consult HELP RULES or

ask a deity. Make use of the battle-isle meantime to practice as much

as you like.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1228.