Knight Lelorax, Little Rockto Everyone

Citizens of Avalon,

This day I have brought shame upon my city, my guild and myself through my own actions. Succumbing to my lesser instincts, I slew a young one of the land in anger. I recognize this act as an affront to the ideals that I strive to uphold as a citizen of the proud city of Mercinae as well as to the God to whom I have ostensibly pledged my devotion.

I ask for Apprentice Gwyllion's pardon for my unpardonable act. As a token of my sincerity I shall enter a period of penitance during which I will bear no arms, lead no men in battle, renounce violent acts entirely and refuse any protection offered by the Gods. I shall continue my penance until such a time as Apprentice Gwyllion commands it to end or I am so commanded by Lord Rhadamanthys, God of Compassion, the only deity whose word could remove the stain on my soul.

With remorse, Lelorax

Written by my hand on the 26th of Cloudburst, in the year 1227.