Continentwide War.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

As part of the buildup towards the reintroduction of open warfare in

Avalon the three weekends leading up to February 1st will be used for

largescale test wars. The coming weekend - Saturday 17th/Sunday 18th - will

have two largescale battlefields starting at around 9pm by the

Avalon clock on both days. EVERYONE is welcome to be involved with city

or guild legions of their choice. The more the better. ALL losses will

be restored (be that legionnaires or equipment) so this is the perfect

riskfree way to get down and dirty with the new warfare system... to dispell

some of the mystery and gain invaluable battlefield experience. You'll soon

find it far less complex than anticipated - at least as far as leading

legions into battle and ensuring they fight to a reasonable level of

competence etc.

I envisage the first weekend testwars to be rather chaotic affairs but they'll

also be important testgrounds for the system as a whole - from our

perspective. Tweaks will doubtless result in algorithms, command syntaxes

may be evolved a little to make them more intuitive, etc. The deities

involved will be open to all suggestions.

Any questions, direct them primarily to Sebastian or myself. If you want

to be involved the ideal would be for you to register which legions you

will be personally leading/commanding.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Mournsend, in the year 1227.