Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

An important note to all Avalonians: the date for the reintroduction of

continentwide warfare will be FEBRUARY 1st 2009. It is up to all of you to

arrange your various defences, train your various legions, learn as much

of the warfare system as you deem necessary, etc. I will be around plenty

to field any questions. If you want to practice on sample battlefields we

can arrange this - and restore any losses incurred. It is VERY important

every city and guild understands enough about warfare to mount a

decent defence (in the event of invasion). The potential will, to a

far greater extent than before, exist for conquest to stamp a permanent

and destructive legacy on an invaded city or guild - even to the point

of complete eradication. So saying, however, there are simple methods

under the new system to ensure your legions mount a defence even when

the leaders are out-of-Avalon and/or have your legions offer protection

when in-Avalon that wasn't possible before; enabling more effective,

complex defences to be put together by those who would otherwise be

easy pickings on the one vs one battlefield. Experimentation is advised,

planning is essential. Good luck.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Leaflost, in the year 1226.