Don Tukar, Godfather of Avalonto Everyone

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Please use it.

QUIZZES - I will now take suggestions for future quizzes. Please message me with a TOPIC and 3-4 categories for that topic. I will let this run for 1 avalon year. So any ideas you all have MSG it to me. At the end of that time i'll take the most suggested topics and give a top 20 list of them, those will then be voted on by you for the top 5 and from those i'll create a quiz. So get them ideas rolling, they can be anything in Avalon or out. No holds barred.

The 5 people that have thier ideas picked (from the first to suggest it to me) will get 1000 gold coins and free entry into that quiz.

Tukar, Don, Quizmaster, All around gold hoarding Godfather.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1226.