Locks around the land.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

I notice that while many have gotten on top of things with the various doors

about the land, others have not done so - and this will lead to problems

and vulnerability. Shop protection for example, is not a foolproof

barrier and works by exponentially improving the existing lock rather than

turning an existing lock into something impregnable. Thus a lock

that would be childsplay to unlock under normal circumstances would be

altered, by shop protection, to a lock requiring perhaps an hour to

penetrate; but still it would be vulnerable. A lock of even middling

potency however would be enhanced by shop protection into something truly


One change made today is that previously locks under shop protection or

tomb rune'd (for instance) would resist ALL attempts to mess with them. I

have changed this so they now only resist potential intrusion. This means you

won't have to overcome a tomb rune'd lock to IMPROVE or STRENGTHEN it whereas

before most likely many of you would've been unable to benefit the lock

once it had been tomb'd/protected.

TAKE HEED and bear in mind, as always, that in this transitional period the

deities (myself and Sebastian especially) will be happy to help with the

first stage of improving locks for those of you unable to find help. To take

them to the heights of complexity, however, will require specialist mortal


Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1224.