your post.

I posted to Rajj because he is the current Guild Master of the Necromancers. In no way is Eudueria slighted in my post. Nor is anyone saying reviving the Necromancers was not her original idea.

I have to disagree with your with your statement that Parrius did nothing for the Necromancers. I believe the Necromancers guild being within the city itself offered and still offers to this day city protection.

Also, the guild was given 1000 troops from the city which was generous gift in itself... then there is the matter of the commodities which were used in the creation and expansion of the guild.

I could go on, but really there isn't a point to it... my post was simply one to congratulate you guys. Yes, relations have been strained, but the blame lie soley on one side? Hardly.

Congratulation to you and your guild.

- Lam

Written by my hand on the 6th of Paglost, in the year 1224.