Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

We are getting VERY close now to the end of the amnesty on burglary from

'behind locked doors' so all of you should be aware of the contents of

the significant helpfiles: HELP KITS, HELP LOCKS and HELP DOORS and keep


Shop stockroom doors have been automatically locked up, as have many

treasure chamber doors, but this cannot be guaranteed. It is up to

individuals to ensure their doors are now strong enough to resist potential

intruders. Citywide shop protection may be doubly important for

a while. The way tomb runes, blastdoor charms, door barging and other

door-thwarting methods work have all been altered. Experiment and learn

so you are not caught out; shopkeepers especially!

The only leftover issues now may be a smattering of rogue useless doors,

which can be removed by any deity you ask, and keys requiring upgrade to

their new locks - again, any deity is able to do this if you're unable

to find a mortal with the right skills to do it for you. For the next

little while we deities will also help putting doors in place, as per

previous posts, but in general it is better those responsible for security

learn the process themselves. Nowadays the lockmaker, lockfitter and

lockworker are all important folk - significant to the future of the

door and its lock mechanism for years to come.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1224.