Various door-related updates.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

We are nearing the point, now, where the new doors and complex locks are

fully functional. The leftover from this update will be non-functioning

keys - keys that will have been fashioned under the old system and may not

work for the doors/items they once unlocked. They simply need to be attached

to the new locks and any deity will be able to sort this out, so if any of you

have old-style keys that haven't automatically updated, speak with a

friendly god and it can be made effective in moments.

New labours abilities, expansion of itemlore \"kits\", Forging, Thievery and

specialist skills have now been activated. Locks can be improved in

complexity, locking mechanisms (on doors and items) can be strengthened

and upgraded, lockpicking kits must be cared for, and general wear and tear

has been introduced to locks often used... so keep an eye on your

important doors, ensure they are fitted with strong locks - and ensure you

can trust the lockfitter. Everyone can now type DOORS in any location to

review the doors/gates nearby and get an idea of their state of repair, etc.

If anyone has questions about this evolution, feel free to ask me. Thieves

especially should ensure they're fully abreast of developments and consider

the significance of honing, individualised locks, to whom they pass on

their secrets etc.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Eleuthral, in the year 1224.