News from The Order of Magic.

Genie Lamothe, of the Maenadsto Everyone

Greetings from the Order of Magic. Many have witnessed the great feats of

magic throughout the land. Primarily the creation of Fanamar.

For those of you who do not know what Fanamar is currently, it is magical

land, which cannot be accessed by normal means much like Azrili or Alessandria, or even the Underworld.

Eventually you will be able travel to Fanamar, you will be able to enter a

portal at one of the Altars which will reside in each city. Each city has given

commodities for their Altar.

(Ref posts: 24339 and 24385)

In each city, construction has begun on the Altars of Magic. Pedestrians judge

it to be a quick affair given so many works, estimating completion around

next harvest, but the slow pace of the workers suggests very much otherwise.

The Rise of Fanamar:

The great temple palace of Magic in Parrius wrenched itself from

the earth and rose up high into the sky. It now hovers over the city of

Parrius, surrounded in a sheen of golden mists that slowly sparkle away to

reveal new rock formations and features of the island. It should be some time

before the island of Fanamar has grown to its full potential.

Fanamar in its current state:

If you are lucky enough to reach Fanamar currently, you will have most

likely met Lord Cornelius. Everyone interested in the Order of Magic

should read the new HELP CORNELIUS. This new HELP CORNELIUS

incorporates some of the older ones of the past and history of both

Order and Cornelius himself.

If you find yourself alone in Fanamar, fear not ... Make your way to the

gates of Fanamar. There you will be able to return to the mainland if you

STAND ON PENTACLE. Until the Altars are complete, you can travel back

to the mainland via this route.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Cloudburst, in the year 1223.