Venomous Lightfingers, The Coiled Cobrato Everyone

I logged in today and received a disturbing message. Shortly after, I had a rather detailed discussion with a Mercinaen with whom I share I mutual respect.

A little backround: Yesterday, I killed a Merc named Lightwardblue. Seeing that she was a bit younger than me, I refrained from shipping her and left it at that. I returned to Thakria and about five minutes or so later, I logged off.

When I returned, I had a message from her saying quote: \"Stabbing girls in the back eh. Is that cos your weapon isn't big enough to job manly enough to do the job from the front? \" <The typos are hers and this the exact message I received>.

To which I replied: \"Girl or otherwise, you're Mercinaen and no longer LW, which makes you an enemy and a target. Anytime you want to examine my weapon up close and personal, just let me know. My suggestion to you is that you learn how to defend yourself instead of making weak attempts to insult my \"manhood\" in your crybaby messages. \"

This was the extent of my contact with her.

But then I get a tell from a Merc, who shall remain nameless, asking me about some inappropriate comments made to Lightwardblue and that they were of a punishable nature. Based on that, the comments made must've been severely out line and more than likely of a sexual nature, though he refused to comment further. For some reason, Lightwardblue has attributed said comments to me.

I'm stating this here and now and very much OOC -

Not me..... I have NEVER said anything or emoted anything to disrespect a woman in this way. Anyone who knows me, knows this is not my style nor is it the character I play in the land. If I speak to you after I lose a fight, it's normally something to the effect of \"How can I improve? \" or a taunt of some sort to keep the dialogue and fights colorful. If I speak to you after I win a fight, it's normally full of advice on how you can improve or an explanation of how I came to win it because we all want t

o get better and we all enjoy a more challenging fight. Not only will my fellow Thakrians verify this, but even my enemies such as Zadar, Aphaia, Lelorax, Arrcor, Cireen, Svar, the list goes on and on.

I realize that this may sound a bit petty to some of you reading this but please understand that when someone attributes actions and comments to me or my character, I feel the need to defend myself. And if the \"comments\" (ironically enough, I still haven't even heard what they are, save for being very very inappropriate) are indeed as bad as they seem, I'd like to see the person who made them, own up to them and explain how the hell they became attributed to me.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Springflower, in the year 1222.