I was in a challenge with lamron, when you entered my location, and proceeded to beging and try and strip, I told you more than once I was in a challenge, as did lamron over and over while you kept stripping me of my herbs and poisons..... and I am fairly certain moments before when the announcement of my challenge was made across the land, you recieved it along witht the rest of avalon.

But sure you want to play ignorance go ahead, for after I was killed, more than once mind you, Lamron asked you to do the honorable thing and return everything you had takin from me for the fact we were in a challenge, to which you replied a explicit NO, and oh how you scorned when a savior in the form a small druid shows up to try and right what you wronged, cussing her even for a pw stealing a body from you. Though i guess she wasnt too protected because you killed her twice for revenge for her actio


Lord Proteus was on at the time, and naturally I approached him with my concerns in your less than noble actions. Later after I had slept for a good while I return to the lands to recieve a message from our Lord Proteus saying that you claimed to have apologized to me, and apparently bathed me as well... how perfectly quaint.

So please, stop with your moaning of ignorance... everyone here knows your smarter than that

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1222.