It has come to my attention that you seem to have some difficulty remembering a certain chain of events when asked about them by Lord Proteus. So let me take this time to assist you with recalling them.

While I was assisting Katie in Alessandria, it seemed your cowardice swelled up inside of you and you decided to interfere with a duel between Chasity and Lamron. During which, you decided to strip Chasity of her belongings. Noticing Chasity's death I retrieved her body and bathed her in the Pool.

While I do not really care to know about the moral code in which you operate, it does surprise me that me 'stealing' Chasity's body offended you so much you decided to jump me, yet using a gift betsowed upon us by the God's whose purpose it to prevent said things from happening to stip Chasity was just supposed to be let go.

I only say something because I heard Lord Proteus heard something different. Otherwise I do not care what you do, so please do not mistake this for me caring.

P. S. I am sure there are plenty of run on sentences for you to read and loads of mispelled words.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1222.