Lord Tyranis.

I think you know me as a man with interest to your welfare, so perhaps my words can reach across the seas of distrust. There are many traditions of

conduct that are not known to you. They should be, so profit well from them whilst learnt young.

Call it what you will, but idling is disrespectful to your fellow Avaloneons for it potentially allows you gain without pain. That gain might be lesson

skills or comm processing, but put bluntly, it's considered a cheat. If noticed by your enemies, they will swarm to harm you. If you are in a

protected location, a deity is quite within \"rights\" per our custom to punish you. A god can do far worse than simply moving you or zapping you with a thunderbolt.

Which brings us to the second custom, respect to our gods. A god is to be spoken to, spoken of, and otherwise treated with the fullest respect within

you. They earned their position in ways your youth hasn't even BEGUN to fathom or appreciate. It is not our place as puny mortals to judge the ways

of the pantheon. If any entity has such a role, it is Genesis, God of all Gods. I wouldn't dream to pester Lord Genesis on puny matters myself, I

certainly wouldn't encourage you to either. To be practical, if you cannot learn to respect them, learn to fear them. Gods have the ability to make

your existence become hell, your bones turned to stone, your flesh vaporized into ash. And that my friend, is just for openers.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Paglost, in the year 1221.