It is a grand thing for your shattered, hilariously pathetic city that you continue to peep in your little chime every so often. People might forget how important you are. *smirk.

I hardly concentrate on combat these days, as I am refining my thievery and stealth. You can falsely scoff at that and call me whatever you like, but I have made myself rich off of you lazy thakrians, so my techniques are sound. When I do decide to revert back to combat training, I am quite certain you will run from me, like I see you run squealing when Foxedup enters the land. Y'know, instead of the puffy, ridiculous posts you leave on your city board, you might want to run down something useful, l

ike protection guidelines for your citizens. You will be shocked to know how many of your old players who still haven't a clue!

In closing, Salamander, I have seen about 4 or 5 thakrian princes in my day... I assure you, most objectively, that you are the least exciting, interesting, mature, and talented of any of them. Now, slither back up Zenichiro's arse where you belong, lackey!

I welcome more of your mudslinging, Sallykins... Beef up that thakrian morale.

Laughing with the rest of Avalon at you,


Written by my hand on the 6th of Agamnion, in the year 1220.