and others.

While India's actions may be somewhat extreme depending on which side of the fence one sits on, I'd ask you to think about the message she is sending in it's simplest terms, and one that is being echoed by many on this board:

The LM Profession is putting its needs above those of the cities they support. Not equal - above. That is a problem for any city, and it is likely to cause further strife.

I don't agree with the new policies as I've made clear, but the situation has gone beyond one of \"we are entitled to be fairly compensated for our services\" to a set of positions beyond that which are ultimately going to be damaging to your profession and to the cities you reside in currently. Unless, of course, you are Zeni in which case Thakria will be made stronger by some of the actions. The rest of you are hurting your own city mates with some of your actions. I hope you can find a way to balan

ce your new demands with equal respect for the city mates who do many things to support you as well.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Ilmarael, in the year 1219.