Who cares about the ban, old man? Not I?

I also don't think at all that the Loremaster profession is evil. Just stupid. But I am not the only one that thinks that. Zenichiro thinks that as well. None of the loremasters that actually had brains would ever collaborate with the one evil loremaster that sits among you. Fatalus, Rhapsody, Allanon. Do you think that they would ever sit in the same room with Zenichiro let alone pledge loyalty to him?

Frankly, Dio old man, I'm feeling a little stupid these days myself. Stupid me, for ever considering you with an iota of respect. Stupid me for ever calling Tazius a comrade. For you all to lay down with that son of Tawiscawa, you all need to have your heads examined! And the hilarious thing about all this stupidity, there is Zenichiro, the true master of manipulation, is making you feel like it's all your ideas, your own whims. Newsflash, knuckleheads! It's not! LOL.

All that crap that you mentioned in your half a minute about what I said, what the artisans have, what the thieves did, etc. also makes me laugh. Do you loremasters spend your meetings pouring over the minutes and spouting out the same lines verbatim? You all sound like broken records. Or sheep. Broken Sheep!

You all are probably going to get what you want, none of you have felt more alive in this land since Zenichiro got to you. And there are few in this land who see the truth that your profession is weak and stupid, save for zeni, who never ceases to impress me with his silver tongue and his lust for power.

Those few, that I speak of? Those are the ones I want in my house, not the majority of you who walk around with your butts in the air waiting for the proverbial lorestave.

Good luck with your merger, it is a fine idea. It is too bad that the filthy dog that leads you is the same one that is screwing you.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1219.