My talents.

What? Simple mathematics? Yes I suppose I could handle that, though I'm quite sure Qey is more than capable.

Sort of just like your guild is more than capable of ending this ban at any time it wishes. But you'd much rather attempt propaganda to paint the loremaster profession as the greatest evil since the Master. Its quite simple, stay out of our guilds, release our guildquest item without cost, and stop stripping young loremasters. You do that and the stars will realign and India shall have all the potions she wishes in her stalls. And before you bring up the fact that Artisans hold a mage guild quest item,

those of us able to retrieve have always provided it to those of the mage profession whom have asked for it, providing they quest for it afterwards and return it.

Doesn't seem all that hard does it. But alas, you would rather use propaganda to incense the general public against loremasters and here we are today. Your city is a mess and you must post pretty much useless information with the half minute you spend in the land. Lovely talents you have there August.

So there you have it. You attempt to lay the blame on Chasity for your cities problems. Might want to look into why we are doing what we are doing. And thats a suggestion for the rest of your citizenry as well.

A good half minute to you August.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1219.