Diocletian the Wayward Sailorto Everyone

India, I believe your post to be misleading in regards to the cost of refills. A refill on an unruned bottle costs 175 coin if the loremaster has to provide the silver. It costs 55 coins for an unruned bottle, if the consumer provides the silver. Is the initial cost high if you have to rune and fill 40 potions all at once? Yes, somewhere around 7000 coin unless my math is off. 7000 coins for anywhere between 2000 and 2200 potions sips providing that every last bottle you own has no runes on it and you d

on't wish to provide silver. The next time you need to refill all 40 potions at once amounts to 1000 coin, and so on thereafter. Thats less than half a gold coin per sip after the bottles are runed if provided by a post ultimate loremaster. What's the going rate for tyrlar, megillos, or even harfy?

As to the availability to receive these refills, there is usually at least one loremaster around capable of providing those services. Perhaps not a Mercinaen Alchemist, but a willing loremaster. I personally have not received one request from a Mercinaen for a refill. If your aim is to use your Mercinaen Alchemists to provide for your city, I might suggest not ejecting them.

With all that said, until the situation with the alchemists guildmistress is reasonably resolved, I will personally not be offering my services to the citizens of Mercinae, most notably its government figures. There of course may be some exceptions made to those of your city whom don't agree with your actions.

Chasity, I applaud your decisions to adhere to the agreement the guilds of our profession have made. And you have my support in them for what thats worth.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Ilmarael, in the year 1219.