what the fuck is going on .

Apprentice Sorceress Morigan the Daughter of Deathto Everyone

i dont believe my own eyes reading this total utter bollocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can somebody tell what drugs you guys are on as man they really fuck you up, so your going to charge more if items are not runed!!!, what about those who are low on gold who need things like meals!!!???!!!! herbs!!!!????!!! or are you not thinking past your own pockets here

as for chargeing for runes if the silver has been handed over for the runes, what effort have you put in to get that silver , none!!! fair enoug people can buy the silver from you but to charge either way is damn right out of order

i worry for the young in this land i really do, what hope do they have now???? if they dont have runes they will be charged there own meal money and money they need to survive to pay you guys extra

i seriously think that side of things needs to be looked at again

sigh , this whole ban thing is getting totally out of hand and if any of you think it is just a matter between guilds you are so wrong, it is effecting cities and the land itself

guys sort it out , i never ever thought i would say this but my rl children show more maturity than this it is sad to see, but hey you can do only a couple of things i spose destroy yourself and drag your young down with you or be adults and think of the bigger picture here and not just personal vendetta

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midsummer, in the year 1218.