LW stripping.

Alister Ramsayto Diocletian the Wayward Sailor

Explain to me who it is, this LW i have stripped, because if you can come up with one i'll be very suprised. Is micheo an LW? no.

Explain to me also, how this action is 40% my doing, when i have just recently come back after a long absense, and when i came back the ban was already in effect?

You just don't have the facts whatsoever, I came back to avalon less than one avalon year ago, have stripped nobody save for micheo who was slandering my guild and generally being a pest. I wasn't even going after your silly potions, diocletian, i merely came to fight you, kick a little dirt in your face, show you that your guilds actions will have personal consequences for each and every one of you.

Maybe these statements belong on fighters board, and for that Avalon I apologize. But listen to those around you Diocletian, thieves aren't the only ones annoyed.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Leaflost, in the year 1217.