missing part of the point.

Grey Gandalph, Black Heart of the Nightto Everyone

I'll try to be brief:

- If a LM believes they aren't getting value for their efforts, they can insist upon payment. No inter-galactic treaty is required to do so. There are possibly benefits to this (similar treaties have been attempted and always failed to limit overpicking), but they do attempt to serve a purpose

- More importantly, the 'rules,' however they finally pan out, will NOT apply equally to all. I spoke with 1 LM today, for example, who stated categorically (paraphrased) that 'I probably won't charge to full amount (insert to my friends/citymates)' and continued to explain other ways around the system.

Meanwhile, my own city's LMs are trying to strictly enforce what has been agreed. While I disagree with many aspects of the policy, I agree that some form of payment for services, particularly ones that take a great deal of time, effort, comms, or all of the above) is reasonable. To be clear, I'm not trying to condemn my city's LMs - they are trying to abide by a policy to ensure fairness, consistency, etc. The problem is not them, it's the people who will create any reasonable excuse to break the r

ules set in place.

The richest and most powerful will either have the money to pay or the influence to get what they need on the sly. No city, during warfare, is going to tell their strongest fighter (except perhaps the thieves atm) to pound sand and fight potionless. Claiming that will happen is nonsense. Instead, the rest of Avalon will take it in the shorts to compensate for the freebies, and equally the cities that try to uphold this policy will punish their own citizens while those who abuse it will prosper.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1217.